More Ideas for the Raspi CarPuter

So I bought the¬†sleeve for my iPhone. Basically it gives you WiMax coverage with 500Mb data a month for free, and you can do other things to up your data amount. You buy the thing for $99 and always have 500mb for free. So why not buy another, and have it be for the carputer, now I would always have internet on it to stream pandora, slacker, etc for free! It’s just a thought, but could come in handy!


Working with the PI

Got my other PI setup in my room tonight, attempting to get easy access to the GPIO pins to see if my Solid State relay will work off of it. If it does, I’ll two at one time and if it still does, watch out Amazon, I’ll be buying a load of em! Currently using this for GPIO access¬†, setting it up now actually! Another thing I may do for the CarPuter is I can set this thing up so when it boots, it reads the bootloader on the sdcard, and bootstraps to a flash drive, this will allow me to put a flash drive in say the glovebox for easy access to the “System Core” XD

EDIT: Ok, so I got it all setup, it outputs 3.5v with the GPIO lines, however, there doesn’t seem to be enough current through them to toggle the SSR. I will now need a transistor in there to be able to hopefully get the current I need to switch it. However, I seem to be very lacking in skills when it comes to transistors as for the life of me I cannot figure out how to wire the dang circuit!