Raspi CarPuter

So I’ve been thinking about a CarPuter for a while now, but now that I have a Raspi, it has really brought it into my mind that it could be done easily with it. All I need really is a WiFi adapter for it. I can put it where the standard Sync module would be in a Microsoft Sync enabled Focus. It has plenty of room and ventilation. I would use the wifi adapter as an AP and setup a small WiFi network that my phone and tablet can connect to, and use vnc or xrdp or something similar as a front-end to the Pi. I could use it to control my music, and if I could figure out how the wired remote for the Sony deck in my car works (besides that it uses a 3.5mm jack) then I could control the whole radio by it, not just the music. Then I could play all the media I want, not just mp3’s from a flash drive or my phone, I could even setup a file share and on road trips everyone could connect and watch movies, TV etc, whatever I put on the hard drive. If I can use the GPIO pins to drive a solid state relay, then I could return the functionality of having the radio play up to ten minutes after i remove the key. In fact, if I could run a solid state relay, I could also set it up for my headlights so I could keep them on as I walk up to my/a house and turn them off through my phone or have an auto-off feature. If I used a WiFi card instead of an old router, I could have it scan for networks periodicly  and if it detects mine at home, connect to it, and see if it has new media to download to its hard drive. I have a couple of webcams laying around as well that I could put in my back window and use it as a backup cam, or if I’m in a shady neighborhood let it record while I am away doing whatever. Back to the solid state relays as well, I could make it lock and unlock with my phone instead of the key, so if I run out to the car to get something and forget my keys like I tend to do, just whip out my phone and click unlock, however this would be wayyyy down the line after I make sure it’s damn secure so no one can unlock my car but me. I have a Bluetooth adapter and a Bluetooth OBDII sensor for my car, I could probably hook it up to the Pi and use it as a data logger and to see real time sensor data! Not sure how long it will take me for each step, but I plan on documenting everything on here with pictures!

If you have any tips/opinions/ideas, please leave a comment! Thanks!